Lead Sheet Tools - Transpose
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  • Upload only plain text files, not Word documents, or any other complex file format.
  • Use a mono-spaced font for laying out your chords and lyrics; Courier New or Lucida Console, for example.
  • Don't use Tabs to align chords over lyrics; use Spaces.
  • Chords over Lyrics is currently the only supported input format; other output formats may be selected, including Nashville Number System.
  • The first non-blank line is assumed to be the Title.
  • Separate syllables with Hyphens; use Underscore for actual hyphenated words.
  • Comments may be included on a Chord line, either preceeding or following the chord symbols.
  • Use the /! directive to specify the initial key and/or key changes. (Required for NNS output; defaults to /!C if not specified)
Supported chord Extensions:
  • 2, 6, 7, 7b5, 7(b5), 7b9, 7(b9), 7#9, 7(#9), 9, 11, 13
  • m, m2, m6, m7, m7b5, m7(b5), m7b9, m7(b9)
  • maj7, Maj7, maj9, Maj9, m9, m11, m13
  • +, aug, dim, sus, sus2, sus4
  • M, M7, M9, 7(#5), 7sus, (no3), 13(#11)

Eb           Bb/D Ab/C     Ab/C  Bb/D Eb    
   Wake, and lift up   thy-self, my   heart 
Eb           Bb/D    Fm7  Abmaj7 Bbsus 
And with the angels, bear thy    part  
Cm         Bb    Ab       Ab   Bb   Cm   
   Who all night long, un-wear-ied, sing 
Ab      Eb/G      Fm7   Bb     Eb   
   High praise to the E-ternal King 

Bmaj7 Eb  
Autumn Leaves

intro: F#m7(b5) - B7 - Em7 - (Em7)

Em7            Am7
   The falling leaves
D7             Gmaj7
   Drift by my window
Cmaj7             F#m7(b5)
      The falling leaves
B7            Em7  - Em7
   Of red and gold